How to Change Instagram Password And Username 2023

Hey Guys If you want to change your Instagram password and username, you have come to the right place. We will tell you step by step how to change Instagram password and username 2023.

Instagram is a popular social networking site similar to Facebook. Millions of people use it daily, sharing photos and videos, and Instagram is an excellent platform to connect with other users.

how to change Instagram password and  Username
Change Instagram password and Username

Hello, I’m Deepak. A majority of people aren’t aware of how to change their Instagram password because there is no information on how to do it.

How to Change Instagram Password And Username

Instagram password and user name can be changed anytime without paying any fees. In many places, it’s falsely advertised that you must spend money to change your password and user name.

Here I will tell you how to change your Instagram password and reset the password if you have forgotten it.

Let’s begin changing your Instagram password.

How to Change Instagram Password

Instagram is most commonly used on mobile devices, so changing and resetting passwords is very simple.

Instagram does not require any particular device to allow you to change your password. Use the Instagram website or Instagram app to follow the given steps.

We have included screenshots showing you how to change your password via the Instagram app; you can see all the steps in detail.

Step: 1 First of all, open your Instagram App.

Step: 2 After opening the Instagram app, you will find the profile icon on the bottom right side; click on it.

Change Instagram Password

Step: 3 After clicking on the profile icon, a menu option will appear on the top right; click on it.

Change Instagram id Password

Step: 4 Now a menu will open in front of you, in which press on the option of ‘Settings’.

how to Change Instagram id Password

Step: 5 As shown in the screenshots, then find the Security option and tap on it.

how i Change Instagram id Password

Step: 6 Now a menu will appear in front of you, in which you will get the option of ‘Password’; click on it.

how i Change my Instagram id Password

Step: 7 A total of three boxes will now appear on your screen. The first asks for your current password, while the remaining two ask for your new password.

how to i Change my Instagram id Password

Step: 8 Once you’ve entered your password, click on the ‘Right’ option at the top; your password will be changed after that.

how to i Change my Instagram account id Password

We’ve told you how to change the password. Now, let’s discuss how you can change your Instagram ID username.

How to Change Instagram Username

A username is also required when creating an Instagram account; primarily, it is set automatically, but we must enter our name or a different brand name.

Generally, usernames are unique or brand names that are widely used to identify on the internet. Most people use their names except with different accents to distinguish them.

There is no difficulty in changing your Instagram username; you can do it on any device that accepts a browser, such as Android, iOS, or a laptop. However, we will teach you how to change your username through the Instagram app.

so let’s start changing it

Our guide includes all the steps you need to change your Instagram username, and you can also see screenshots for assistance.

Step: 1 The first step is to log into your Instagram account. You can use the mobile app, browser, or computer to do this.

how to i Change my Instagram account id username

Step: 2 There is now an option in the bottom right corner of the mobile app for your profile, where you can see your profile photo; click it.

how to Change my Instagram account id username

Step: 3 When your Instagram profile opens, find the option ‘Edit Profile’ and click on it.

how to Change Instagram account id username

Step: 4 After this, a new page will open before you, in which all your details will be written. There you have to find the Username option and Click on it.

Step: 5 On the next page, the default username will be opened, where by clicking on it, you have to enter your favorite username and click on the save option.

how to Change Instagram username

Note: If the error Username not available comes up, someone else has already taken that username; that is, choose another Username and then tap on Save.

Step: 6 Using this method, you can choose a unique and well-chosen Username.

Benefits of Changing Instagram Username

It would be best to have a unique username because it represents your identity on Instagram and is Beneficial for your Branding.

  • Searching the name in Google can come to the top.
  • It will be easy for any user to find you on Instagram.
  • It can attract other people with a good username.
  • Instagram username displayed at the top of your Instagram profile.

What is Instagram UserName

The Instagram application is a popular social media platform where people connect by identifying each other by their usernames or IDs.

Instagram username works towards identity, and it can be a brand; Instagram provides the user with the same username in the account.

Your Instagram username is displayed at the top of your profile. It has less than 30 characters and comprises letters, numbers, and full stops.

It is linked to the Instagram display name, and although both can be different, you can add any colorful emoji you want.

It is important to note that you must get the old username; you can only get it after 14 days; if you change your username repeatedly, your account may be suspended, and you may lose it.


We hope you are satisfied with the information and were able to change Instagram account password and username. If you are facing any problems, let us know in the comment box, and we will give you the solution.

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